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                                                             Mariam Abad Festival 

Mariabad Mela is a festival in Pakistan that attracts about 90,000 Christian people, who worship idols , Statue of Mary, they do dance , punish theirself ,do not recognize Jesus as Savior. Last year we went , We saw that many people are in need of God's word . they know nothing about the words  of God .  The Christians of whole Pakistan comes in this Mariaabad Mela Festival .  but they come to worship Idols , Which is so bad.  "We are planning to attend the festival in September 6 again this year “It will be a great opportunity for us to reach thousands again . Last year we saved thousands .It is really a golden opportunity for us to win thousands of souls for the kingdom of God.

We Plan to purchase 1,000 Urdu language bibles and distribute there.  we can reach so many people by providing the bibles . The Truth of Life.  our Goal is to purchase 1,000 Urdu language Bibles. 

                                           Our Ministry Last Year Activity in Festival

Last year we distributed free bibles in the Festival and saved thousands . Below are few pictures of our last year activity in the Festival . 

If you need more information about our Last Year Festival Activity . I have more pictures and information for you about our Last year Activity .  You can contact me via email. 

On September 6 ,2013 We are going in this festival again. We need 1,000 Urdu language Bibles . We need lots of prayers . Please keep our ministry in your prayers.  
     Help Us to Reach Thousands Souls in Festival            Each Year by Providing Urdu Language Bibles 
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