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Evangelist Sahil Saleem and His sister Shamah Shahid were raised in a very kind Christian Family. They are both brother and sister working for the Kingdom of God. They were both born in Pakistan. They are faithful Christians who desire to share the love and message of Jesus.   Their neighbors are very poor and often do not have even the most basic needs to survive.  Sahil and Shamah are following the Lord’s leading to help those around them with food, clothes, water, and other items. Their Ministry is also working hard to assist the Christians and poor families in the area.  
Brother Sahil preaches the Words of God in various Christian Churches. Brother Sahil received Pastor Training at the Lahore in January of 2000.    He lived there for 6 Months and studied the Words of God.  He is a very kind man who knows the compassion of Jesus and understands his own calling by God to serve others with unconditional love. Brother Sahil continues to seek after God and go deeper in His Word. His desire to study and minister to those in need have helped him to make connections with other Christian leaders around the world.  Brother Sahil continues his Biblical Studies with online education and various other sources.  He has a great passion for Christ in his heart and wants to do more works for the Lord in his life.  Brother  Sahil and his Sister Shamah just want to spend their whole life in the service of the Lord. 
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About Us
Greetings in the Highest name of Lord Jesus.  We have started to work with 2 Members , and now i have 11 people who are working with us.  we have started to preach from our village.  First we preached to our families at home. i was really very found of working for God.    I was raised in a Christian family. and  when i was 10 Years old i started to teach the Words of God to the Children who were also my own age. i daily bring them and taught them the Words of God . when i have passed the High school at the age of 15 Years old . I was Saved and Born again.  I am so blessed that God has started to work in my life since my Young age.we have a Pastor who taught me the Words of God when I was 10 years old and he is still teaching me the Words of God and he is working with us in our Ministry Now.  we have a Thursday Whole Night prayer Meeting every Week on Sunday which we pray and Worship .   
 Sahil Saleem.